Welcome to Al Fresco Picnic Grove, where you can experience Alegria's beauty and serenity!

About Us
Al Fresco Picnic Grove is your one of a kind family resort, a serene place for your vacation where you can experience nature and Cebuano hospitality. Whether you just need a place to crash especially for backpackers, an events place for birthdays, parties, weddings, reunions, retreats, or a simply a place to stay while roaming Alegria, Cebu to that is affordable, Al Fresco Picnic Grove is the place to go!
What We Do
At Al Fresco Picnic Grove, we offer you with an all-in-one vacation package which includes room accommodation, food service, nature experience, and even car service to let you roam around Alegria, Cebu.
We are also a perfect venue for birthday parties, wedding, baptismal, anniversaries, or any special occasion needing of an events place for that memorable moment!


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Here at Al Fresco Picnic Grove, we invite each one of you to spend your memorable life moments and special occasions with us. We are located at Alegria, Cebu - where you can experience a very serene place and a peaceful environment for relaxation and unwind away from a very busy city.

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Celebrate your reunion, wedding, birthday or Christmas party at Alfresco Picnic Grove.
Come and visit our humble resort at Calcalan Sangi Alegria, Cebu